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VOOX is a French startup which designed a patented innovative technology to simplify data exchanges in industrial systems.

What for?

Intelligent, autonomous industrial systems require and will require more and more fast and reliable data exchange capabilities to handle dataflows between processing units, sensors, actuators…
VOOX solution is tailored to address the challenge of mastering data exchange in industrial systems.
VOOX product is an electronic component that allows our customers to easily get full control of data exchange, whatever the communication protocols used and whatever the complexity of the system.

VOOX technology delivers 3 distinctive benefits:


We help our customers to improve their systems in :

Aeronautics & space

Aeronautics & space

Subsystems interconnect
I/0 management : data flows aggregation, routing, space and time partitioning



Sensors data flows
Aggregation & routing
IoT cybersecurity



Heterogeneous data flows complexity management
Cyber with operational timing constraints

industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

IT/OT gateways
Cyber IIoT for predictive maintenance


VOOX product is a 100% hardware based communication middleware.
VOOX platform consists in a set of VHDL IPs for FPGA standard components associated with a configuration / modelization suite. It can be used as a stand-alone component (only one VOOX unit), interfacing up to more than one hundred heterogeneous data flows, or a fully distributed solution (several VOOX units interconnected). It can be delivered in various electronic cards form factors or through IP cores. A fully working demonstrator is available:

VOOX Presentation


Thales Ceatech


Demeter Station F La French Tech
BPI France Mov'eo
Demeter's experience

Demeter project

DEMETER is a European project aiming at answering the needs of the European industry providing:

A platform to prepare the development of a large radiation hardened FPGAs which is not available on the market today.

A second platform to bring the means to European avionic actors to evaluate the multi core concept regarding aeronautic certification. In addition, the demonstrator will include an embedded FPGA that will bring a high level of flexibility to implement dedicated logic like interfaces or hardware acceleration engines tightly coupled with the cores.

Both platform will be developed in 28nm FDSOI technology which combines a high level of integration with an outstanding intrinsic radiation robustness

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